1. Preamble

This page describes several bots that I run for the Sailfish OS community and how I store user data. Each section describes a specific bot.

2. SailfishOS UserMapBot

2.1. Description

A Telegram Bot to collect location information from users and export the coordinates to a map service.
The bot is available as @SailfishUserMapBot under Telegram.
For more info visit the project site.

2.2. Privacy

First no data is stored without user interaction! The user can set his location by running ‘/region <location>‘ on the bot or by entering coordinates to the bot by running: ‘/geo <coordinates>‘.

The exact data is only shown to the user by running ‘/get‘ on the bot. For the other users only the map without any names, only indicators where a user has set his location is visible. To show the map the user has to run ‘/map‘ on the bot.

3. SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot

3.1. Description

A simple Telegram ↔ IRC gateway.
The bot is aviable as @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot under Telegram.
For more info visit the project site.

3.2. Privacy

The bot sends every message that is send to the telegram group where the bot is invited to IRC. No message is logged or stored in any form. Only pictures are cached anonymously on this server to be visible from the IRC side and are removed after approximately 14 days.